Remote Work Day

by Dave Gormley | Posted in Legal-ease Blog | Reading Time: < 1 minute

To help ease some of the holiday traffic we are staying off the roads and working from home on Friday February 16th. While we won’t be in the office, we are set up to fully serve our clients by phone or zoom. Have some documents to drop off? Just leave them in our secure drop...

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Infographic – What to do After an Auto Accident

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Legal-ease Blog | Reading Time: < 1 minute

Our friends at Alcock & Associates in Phoenix came up with a great infographic to explain what you should do if you are injured in an auto accident. Give it a look and share it with anyone you know who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident. This is good advice and applies to...

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Maryland’s Smoke Alarm Laws & Safety Advice on Upgrading

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Civil Law & Consumer | Reading Time: 4 minutes

Southern Maryland truck accident lawyer

It’s daylight savings time again – when you are supposed to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. This year, you should consider replacing more than batteries. You probably have the wrong type of smoke detector in your house! When we bought our house it came with the original issue smoke detectors. That January there was...

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Maryland Divorce Law Changes in 2023

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Family Law | Reading Time: 4 minutes

Maryland divorce laws are getting a major overhaul this year, effective October 1, 2023. These changes are designed to bring Maryland into the modern age and make getting a divorce less time consuming and expensive. It is also supposed to dramatically cut down the fighting between divorcing couples. While that last goal remains to be...

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New Maryland Laws Taking Effect October 1, 2023

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Civil Law & Consumer | Reading Time: 4 minutes

The Maryland legislature was unusually busy this past session, and they passed a lot of new Maryland laws. Some took effect in July (like the marijuana legislation) but most take effect October 1, 2023. While hundreds of laws are passed each year, we have tried to focus on the laws most likely to affect you...

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Government Shutdown Crisis Budgeting

by Dave Gormley | Posted in Bankruptcy & Foreclosure | Reading Time: 5 minutes

Budgeting crisis.

Here we go again. The government shut down is scheduled to start October 1. Federal employees may soon be unsure about when they will get a paycheck. This one could last a long time.  What is the best way to budget for a short term crisis like the government shutdown? As a bankruptcy attorney in...

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What Happens If I Can’t Make My Chapter 13 Plan Payment Due To The Government Shutdown?

by Dave Gormley | Posted in Bankruptcy & Foreclosure | Reading Time: 3 minutes

The government shutdown is going to cause intense financial pressure on government workers and contractors who are in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy payment plan. Individuals in a chapter 13 plan are supposed to send in regular plan payments to the bankruptcy trustee, who disburses the money to their creditors. If their paycheck is stopped because...

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Gun Laws in Maryland

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Civil Law & Consumer | Reading Time: 8 minutes

This is a topic that has certainly been in the news recently, especially after last year’s Supreme Court opinion. If you are a gun owner, and especially if you want to carry a concealed firearm, you better know the laws on this subject. Maryland is not exactly a gun friendly state. We have a lot...

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About Maryland Car Insurance

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Personal Injury | Reading Time: 4 minutes

Who pays for your damages in a Waldorf car accident case, or another type of Waldorf personal injury case? Most people know an insurance company is footing the bill after an accident. Our society has evolved in such a way as to require car insurance for almost everything we do. Although this post will discuss...

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