Terminating Child Support – What You Need to Know

by D'Erra Jackson | Posted in Family Law | Reading Time: 3 minutes

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Nobody likes paying child support. As necessary as it is, nobody likes paying it. But  So what happens when your child turns 18 and there is no longer a legal obligation to pay for child support?  Can you just shut if off? Is it like throwing a switch?  It is true that under the law,…

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Using Online Calculators to Calculate Child Support

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Family Law | Reading Time: 3 minutes


Not as easy as you would think If you are facing a divorce or child custody case, we understand child support is likely to be one of your primary worries. Whether are you are planning to be the custodial parent, or the one paying child support, you’re probably extremely interested in how much that child…

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