Three Ways to Stop an Eviction in Maryland in 2021

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Bankruptcy & Foreclosure | Reading Time: 6 minutes

The Federal Eviction Moratorium was recently stricken down by the Supreme Court. Thousands of tenants in Maryland are subject to eviction. Congress has done nothing to renew it, so there is no federal lgal protection from eviction right now. If you, or someone you know, is subject to an eviction because they fell behind on…

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Tax Break For Pet Foster Parents

by Dave Gormley | Posted in Civil Law & Consumer | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Years ago my daughter adopted a great dane. He is now passed on, but he became a part of our family. If you think we are crazy to have a great dane you should take some time to learn about this great bread of dog. See this post, 13 Things You Should Know About The…

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Be a Safer Driver! Rules of the Road You Don’t Remember

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Personal Injury | Reading Time: 6 minutes

Did you know that a car accident happens about every 5 seconds? And somebody suffers a personal injury from a car accident every 10 seconds? And worse yet, somebody is killed due to wrongful death in a car accident every 14 minutes! Those are staggering numbers. And we should all do everything we can do…

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Maryland’s Laws on Underage Drinking

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in DUI/DWI & Criminal Law | Reading Time: 4 minutes

What is the law regarding parents allowing teens to drink? Is it ever legal? How far can parents go in allowing underage drinking? We will explain the laws about allowing underage drinking at your home, and the possible civil and criminal penalties you could face. We also provide links to some great resources for talking…

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Driving with Earbuds in Maryland

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Civil Law & Consumer | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Get ready.  When you read this story you will say “just like a lawyer!” A few years ago, I was driving my daughter and her best friend on an hour long trip.  I wanted to listen to a podcast while I drove, and I didn’t want to force the girls to listen.  They were talking…

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Can A Child Sue A Parent For Personal Injury?

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Personal Injury | Reading Time: 2 minutes

You might think it would be outrageous for a child to sue their own parent – or a husband to sue his wife – for negligence in a car accident. But yes, a family member can sue another family member for negligence in Maryland. When I explain, you will see how this makes sense. Maryland…

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Temporary Total vs Temporary Partial Disability

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Workers' Compensation | Reading Time: 4 minutes

One of the (many) confusing things about workers’ comp comes up when you go back to work part time because your injury keeps you from working full time. You are losing money because of the injury, so you should be compensated, but you cannot get paid the same as when you were totally off work….

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What About Maryland’s Speed Camera Law?

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in DUI/DWI & Criminal Law | Reading Time: 5 minutes

How does Maryland’s speed camera law work?  Are speed cameras legal in Maryland?  Can you challenge speed camera tickets? Like it or not, speed cameras are a reality. And they are making a LOT of money for state and local government, so they aren’t going anywhere soon. If you drive, you need to read this…

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When Can You Legally Leave a Child Unattended in Maryland?

by D'Erra Jackson | Posted in Family Law | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Happy children in Southern Maryland.

Most of us know it is simply common sense not to leave a young child unattended. But did you know Maryland has a specific law on this subject? Did you know Maryland provides an exact age requirement for leaving children unattended? Do you know what that age is? You should! Eight is the Magic Number…

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Surviving Jury Duty

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Civil Law & Consumer | Reading Time: 5 minutes

jury summons

At some point in their lives, every Maryland resident can expect to receive a letter in the mail summoning them to jury duty. Nobody likes having to do it, and no one thinks too much about it until they’re called. Well, what do you do now? In this post, we will explain everything you need…

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