Maryland’s Laws on Underage Drinking

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in DUI/DWI & Criminal Law | Reading Time: 4 minutes

What is the law regarding parents allowing teens to drink? Is it ever legal? How far can parents go in allowing underage drinking? We will explain the laws about allowing underage drinking at your home, and the possible civil and criminal penalties you could face. We also provide links to some great resources for talking…

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Driving with Earbuds in Maryland

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Civil Law & Consumer | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Get ready.  When you read this story you will say “just like a lawyer!” A few years ago, I was driving my daughter and her best friend on an hour long trip.  I wanted to listen to a podcast while I drove, and I didn’t want to force the girls to listen.  They were talking…

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Can A Child Sue A Parent For Personal Injury?

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Personal Injury | Reading Time: 2 minutes

You might think it would be outrageous for a child to sue their own parent – or a husband to sue his wife – for negligence in a car accident. But yes, a family member can sue another family member for negligence in Maryland. When I explain, you will see how this makes sense. Maryland…

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How to Avoid Losing Your Will & Estate Planning Documents

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Wills & Estates | Reading Time: 4 minutes

Of all the mistakes you can make with your will & estate planning documents, there is one that is easiest to avoid. Don’t lose them! If a loved one of yours suddenly died, would you know where to find their estate planning documents? Would someone else know where to find your estate planning documents? Remember,…

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Dave Gormley’s Rant Against The 4th

by Dave Gormley | Posted in What's New With Us | Reading Time: 2 minutes

If we would all start wishing each other a Happy Independence Day we could move this holiday to the first Friday in July.  With the 4th of July falling on a Monday, this year is a perfect example of why it would be better to celebrate Independence Day on a Friday.  After all, Independence Day and…

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Divorce Lawyer Bills His Client For Their Affair

by D'Erra Jackson | Posted in Family Law | Reading Time: 2 minutes

A divorce lawyer has been indefinitely suspended from practicing law after having an affair with his client. But that isn’t the worst part. He was also billing her for the time they were together conducting their affair! Wow. That is a new low! According to news accounts, the lawyer was representing a woman in a…

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Pool Party Liability

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Personal Injury | Reading Time: 5 minutes

Tis the season for pool parties! They should be fun and not stressful. But some people worry about bad things happening. After all, a pool is a very dangerous thing to have in your home (statistically more dangerous than a gun. Did you know that?) Do you wonder what sort of liability you are taking…

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You Can’t Reconcile With Your Spouse Over the Phone

by D'Erra Jackson | Posted in Family Law | Reading Time: 3 minutes

To get a divorce in Maryland, you need “grounds.” The most common ground for getting divorced is the one year voluntary separation. To achieve that, you must spend one year apart not living under the same roof and not engaging in marital relations. (For more on the “grounds” needed to get a divorce in Maryland,…

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Foreclosures Are About to Start Back Up in Southern Maryland

by Dave Gormley | Posted in Bankruptcy & Foreclosure | Reading Time: 4 minutes

The Maryland and Federal Foreclosure Moratoriums are scheduled to end June 30th, 2021.  So, starting July 1st the mortgage companies can start sending out new Notices of Intent to Foreclose.  These notices are the start of the foreclosure process in Maryland. If you are behind on you mortgage do not wait to get this notice…

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DIY Legal – How to Litigate a Small Claims Case

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Civil Law & Consumer | Reading Time: 21 minutes

Sometimes you need to go to court, but it just isn’t worth the money to hire a lawyer. If the lawyer’s fee would equal any recovery you get from the case, then why do it? That is why the judicial system created Small Claims Court.  A non-lawyer should be able to get their day in…

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