Southern Maryland Alimony Attorneys Helping Former Spouses in Waldorf & Lexington Park with Alimony-Related Issues


At Andrews, Bongar, Gormley & Clagett, we understand the financial and emotional challenges involved with going through a divorce. While alimony is fundamentally a financial issue, we know that it often involves emotional components for spouses on both sides of the equation as well.

If you need to seek alimony in your divorce, securing a reasonable payment could be essential to ensuring your financial stability once your marriage is over. If you are facing an obligation to pay, you understandably want to keep as much of your earned income as possible. These are not easy differences to rectify, and disagreements can often lead to emotionally charged disputes.

Our Southern Maryland alimony lawyers work closely with our clients to ensure that their financial interests are protected. We provide thoughtful, strategic representation during the divorce process, and we assist our clients with post-divorce alimony modification and enforcement matters as well. If you need a trusted Southern Maryland alimony lawyer, our firm is the right choice for you.

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Free Online Legal Advice about Alimony – Whether you are preparing to go through a divorce or you are dealing with an alimony-related legal issue post-divorce, you need to make informed decisions. To help you, we have prepared a Free Legal Guide to Divorce in Maryland and another free resource, All About Alimony in a Maryland Divorce.

A Truly Local Divorce and Family Law Firm – With offices in Waldorf and Lexington Park, we are truly a local Southern Maryland divorce and family law firm. If you want a Southern Maryland alimony attorney who is nearby, not someone who works in a big office in a big city, we invite you to give us a call.

We are a local law firm that takes pride in representing the members of our local community.

Personalized, One-On-One Legal Advice – When you choose Southern Maryland Law, expect our Southern Maryland alimony attorneys to provide you with personalized, one-on-one legal advice every step of the way. We get to know our clients so that we can provide advice and representation that are custom-tailored to their individual circumstances. When it comes to alimony and other divorce-related issues, this is extremely important.