Drinking & Passengering is Just as Stupid

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in DUI/DWI & Criminal Law | Reading Time: 2 minutes

As 4th of July approaches, it is good to be reminded about the dangers of drinking and driving. We all know that drinking and driving is stupid. Besides getting busted by Johnny Law, you also risk having a car accident and getting stuck with all those medical bills yourself. You can’t sue for personal injury…

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Can A Child Sue A Parent For Personal Injury?

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Personal Injury | Reading Time: 2 minutes

You might think it would be outrageous for a child to sue their own parent – or a husband to sue his wife – for negligence in a car accident. But yes, a family member can sue another family member for negligence in Maryland. Maryland law used to prevent a family member covered by an…

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