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This post explains what you should try to bring with you to your first workers’ compensation consultation in our office. You do not have to bring anything with you. All we really need is you. But if you have any of the following documents or pieces of information, bringing them would be helpful.

  • Any documents you received from the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission, especially any Orders, claim forms, or notices.
  • A copy of any claim you may have filed for this accident.
  • Any documents you received from the insurance company handling your claim.
  • Any claim number the insurer gave you.
  • Contact information for any insurance adjuster who may be dealing with your case.
  • Any medical reports you may have with you that relate to this injury.
  • The names of all doctors or health care providers who treated you for your claim. This includes any diagnostic testing facilities you visited to get a test (like an MRI or CT scan).
  • Your employer’s name, address & phone number.
  • Your pay stubs for the 14 weeks prior to the date you were injured (if you keep them, and most people don’t, so don’t worry about it)
  • Your hourly rate of pay.
  • Your Social Security Number (which you probably know by heart anyway).

Again, you don’t have to bring these things with you, but it will make things easier if you do.

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