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This post discusses what happens at your consultation for your Waldorf, Maryland personal injury case.

This post is also a list of things you should bring with you if you can. None of this is required, of course. All we really need to see is you.

If you have the following information and can bring it with you, it will be helpful.

If you don’t have any of this information, we can always get it later. You can send it to us, or we can request it from the proper authorities.

Things to Bring with You

  •  Police report or exchange of information form. If you have a police report, that would be great. Usually people don’t have the actual police report, but they have the exchange of information form the police officer provided at the scene. That is fine. We can always order the police report. Even if all you have is the officer’s card, just bring that.
  • Identity of the adverse driver – that may be the form mentioned above, or it may be their name and information written on a piece of paper.
  • Contact information for any witnesses who gave you their information. Often, their information will be on the police report and we can get it there.
  • Photographs of the cars or the scene or your injuries. They can be on your phone, and you can email them to us later. But bring the phone so we can look at the pictures together.
  • The names of any doctor or health care provider you saw after the accident.
  • Your car insurance information. The best thing to bring is your declarations page (the page that shows the amount of insurance coverage and how much you pay for it). But at least bring your proof of insurance so we can get in touch with your insurance company, or take a picture of your insurance card on your phone.
  • PIP application you may have received from your car insurer.
  • Any letters or other correspondence from the other driver’s insurance company.
  • Contact information for any insurance adjuster handling your case.
  • Any medical information you may have. Sometimes people have medical reports or test results. Bring anything you may happen to have.
  • Your claim number if you have one.

Again, none of this is mandatory. It just makes your consultation go more smoothly, and it helps me better assess your case. Feel free to come as you are and we can get all of this information later.

Topics We Will Cover

Here are some things we will discuss in the consultation:

  • Details about the car accident, or other incident that caused your personal injury. We need details such as location, date and time, and exactly what happened. Did your car accident happen in Waldorf, Maryland, or Charles County, Maryland?
  • Details about your injuries and medical care. I need to know the full list of injuries you suffered in the accident.
  • Details about any pre-existing medical conditions that were affected by the accident.
  • Details about any prior accidents or injuries you suffered.
  • How a personal injury case usually works. Most of these cases follow a certain path, and we will discuss how I see your case playing out after I get all those details.
  • Details about how the various insurance policies work with each other. It can be very complicated to figure out how PIP, car insurance, and health insurance all work together.
  • How best to get your medical care paid for. That is not a simple question like it should be. The laws on this subject are hopelessly out of date and complicated.
  • How to get your car fixed, and your rights in the process.
  • I will answer any questions you may have.

If you decide to retain us, I will ask more detailed questions we need to set up your case. I will give you a retainer to sign, and some HIPPA authorizations (to allow me to get your medical records). I will give you a folder with useful information in it, and copies of everything you signed.

I will answer all your questions and make sure you are satisfied before you leave. You will probably need to call later with more questions because there is a LOT of information to digest. I will be available to answer those questions later when you are ready. I will also point you to places on this website where you can get more information at your convenience.


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