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If you drive a car in Maryland, your insurance must provide you with $2,500 coverage for personal injury protection.

This is a small amount of mandatory no fault insurance coverage for drivers in Maryland. If you are in a car accident, your personal injury protection benefits (known as PIP) will pay your medical bills, and up to 80% of your lost wages.

You can still file a personal injury lawsuit against the at fault driver, and recover your full damages in that case, but PIP will pay some immediate benefits in the meantime.

However, motorcycle insurance law is different. Maryland law allows car insurance companies to deny this personal injury protection to motorcyclists. Consequently, almost no motorcycle policy in Maryland has personal injury protection benefits. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you will not receive the same level of benefits from your own insurance company as a driver of a car would receive.

Many lawyers think this is unfair, and I bet most motorcyclists would also think this is an unfair law. If they passed a law extending personal injury protection benefits to motorcyclists, it would not cost the insurers much money, and they would just raise their motorcycle insurance rates to cover it.

This has been the law for a very long time, and there are no signs that it will change anytime soon. Only the politicians in Annapolis can make such a change to the personal injury protection law. If you are a motorcyclist, you should write your delegate and state senator today and ask them where they stand on this issue. Chances are, they haven’t given it a moments thought. Maybe you could change their mind and change this rather unfair law.

Conclusion & Next Steps

If you drive a car in Maryland, your insurance must provide you with $2,500 coverage for personal injury protection. If you drive a motorcycle, you get nothing. That is not fair.

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