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Southern Maryland first responders give so much to their community.  So Dave Gormley joined some other lawyers and gave up a Saturday to help provide them with free estate documents.

Working with the Wills for Heroes Foundation, lawyers from the Charles County Bar Association and around the state met with local first responders at the LaPlata Town Hall.  They drafted and executed free Advance Medical Directives, Durable Powers of Attorney and Wills for EMT’s, police officers and firefighters.

The Wills for Heroes Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization that supports these programs. Their mission is giving back to the community by protecting those who protect us.  Despite the inherently dangerous nature of their jobs, first responders are less likely than most of us to have these estate documents in place.

First responders selflessly devote their lives to serving their communities and are prepared to pay the ultimate price in the line of duty. The relatively low number of first responders with wills also speaks to the selflessness of first responders.  The very nature of their profession is to think of others first, to put the good of the community before themselves. Go to  Wills for Heroes to help support this organization or to learn more about the work they do.