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A man arrested and handcuffed on his back.This Stupid Criminal story comes to us from down under in Australia. It seems there were four young people living together in an apartment. One of them was not exactly in good graces with his roommates, so the other three decided to kill him. They plotted his death together, arguing over whether they should strangle him, or drop him off the balcony.

A short time later, Robert Wright was dropped off the balcony and died.

So how did they get caught? As it turns out, the roommates were all deaf, and they communicated using sign language.

Where would you plot a murder while using sign language? Right in front of a security camera, of course! These three knuckleheads were caught on CCTV signing the entire conversation where they debated whether to strangle Robert or drop him off the balcony. No need for microphones or confessions or witnesses. The cops just played the video and saw all they needed to see.

Here is your helpful legal tip of the day – if you are deaf, and use sign language to communicate, watch for video cameras when you conspire to commit crimes.