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US Virgin Islands

Our firm has been doing an annual charity project every holiday season for the last several years. We always invite our clients and friends to join us in giving back to our community and our world.

This year, we are excited to announce our 2017 charity project. We think we have hit on something fairly unique, and very timely. We are targeting hurricane relief efforts in the US Virgin Islands. And we have made it easy for you to join our efforts – either online or by visiting our office.

As you know, this was the year of the hurricane. Many of our fellow citizens had their lives turned upside down. We were all fed dramatic images of Houston, and there was a tremendous outpouring of support. Shortly afterwards, Puerto Rico was hit hard, and has been in the news because of problematic relief efforts.

packages sent to USVIBut it seems the national news media has all but forgotten another group of our fellow US citizens who were devastated by the hurricanes – the people of the United States Virgin Islands. People living in the US Virgin Islands are our fellow citizens, much like Puerto Ricans. But they are a smaller country, and have received nowhere near the press of the damage in Puerto Rico. Their struggles, however, are no less real.

Adopt a Family USVI pairs a donor family with a needy family in the US Virgin Islands. You just need to fill a USPS flat rate box with much needed items, and mail it directly to the organization. They will take care of the logistics of getting your gift in the hands of a needy US Virgin Islands family.

Adopt a Family USVI has a website, and a Facebook page. Both links explain the program, have a form you can use to sign up, and give a list of suggested supplies.

Please join us in giving supplies to the families of the US Virgin Islands. We have boxes in our lobby ready to be filled with necessities. (See below for a suggested list of items.) Just drop by and put your donated items in the box. We have a folder in our lobby explaining the project, and providing pictures of the devastation from Hurricane Maria.

US Virgin Islands 2We would love to encourage others to join us by adopting a US Virgin Islands family on their own. Or, you can bring donations to our office and we will make sure they get to the right place.

We will keep donations open through December 17, at which time we will be taking our boxes to the post office for mailing to the US Virgin Islands.

Thank you for your help.

Suggested list of items:

For a Baby: Powdered formula (as much as you can), baby wipes, diaper cream, baby food/cereal, blanket/towel, mosquito repellent to avoid Zika, sunscreen or hat, bathing essentials (wash cloth, shampoos, soap), infant Tylenol, pedialite and a personalized note of hope!

For Food – The St. Thomas Soup Kitchen needs help!  With the recent discontinuation of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) and supplies, the specific need is FOOD – just FOOD! Canned sausage, chicken, sardines, beef soups, sugar, carrots, beans, beets, string beans, mixed vegetables, sazon, salt, adobo, black pepper, parsley flakes, canned tuna, canned salmon, corned beef, spam, rice, beans, powdered soups, and a personalized note of hope!