Hire An Experienced Southern Maryland Family Law Attorney

Our law firm has been handling family law cases in Waldorf, Lexington Park, and throughout Southern Maryland for over 30 years. We have seen thousands of family law cases. We hande divorce, child custody, child support, child visitation disputes, protective orders, and adoptions. There isn't much we have not already seen.

bbb-accredited-a-plus-smallWe are truly local family law attorneys - serving clients in Charles County, St. Mary’s County, and Prince George’s County. We know the local court systems in La Plata, Leonardtown and Upper Marlboro. Learn more about us here. We don’t drive down to Southern Maryland to handle occasional cases. We live here. 

If you are facing a divorce, a child custody battle, or other type of family law matter, we can help. The first step is a consultation. We will review your personal situation and discuss the law in Maryland as it pertains to you. We will give you some options to consider, so you can make the best choice for you and your family. 

We know you are in a tough situation right now. We can navigate the legal system for you, and get you to the point where all of this is just a bad memory. 

What do I do next?

What Do I Do Next?

Don’t wait to find out what you need to know about divorce and child custody. We wrote the Free Legal Consumer Guide on Divorce, and the Free Legal Consumer Guide on Child Custody & Child Support so you can discover the answers to your legal questions today.


Read those guides now. You can learn a lot in less than 20 minutes. Then call us for a consultation.


If you are facing a family law crisis, things you do now will affect your legal case later. You should be informed and know your options before you make decisions. Our Free Legal Consumer Guides will show you what you need to know today.

Choosing a Team

Choosing A Team

When you hire our firm for your family law case, you don’t just hire a single lawyer – you hire a team.


Cameron Methner is our family law attorney. Cameron served as law clerk to the Honorable Julia B. Weatherly who is known across Maryland as one of the most experienced jurists in family law matters. Dave Gormley has been handling family law cases his entire career.


Aliesha and Ashley will be your primary paralegals. Our family law department functions as a team, and that means better service for you.

Getting a Consultation

Get A Consultation

Contact us today for a consultation. You really need a personal consultation to go over the unique facts of your family law case.


Our consultations for family law cases are a flat fee of $100. We can do them in person or over the phone. We will listen to the unique facts of your case and explain the law as it applies to you. We will give you options so you can make informed decisions.


We will make it convenient for you to get answers and identify your next steps. 

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