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This post explains what you should try to bring with you to your first DUI/Traffic case consultation in our office. You do not have to bring anything with you. All we really need is you. But if you have any of the following documents or pieces of information, bringing them would be helpful.

  • The case number/s and charges that are currently pending against you.
  • The case number/s of any cases for which you are currently on parole/probation, if applicable.
  • The tickets, accident report or statement of charges filed in your case.
  • Your driver’s license, social security card or other form of identification containing your date of birth.
  • A copy of your Maryland driving record, available on the Maryland MVA website.
  • The names and contact information for all witnesses involved in your case, if applicable.
  • List of any prior traffic or DUI offenses on your record, if applicable.
  • Documentation of any driver improvement courses you have taken in the past year.
  • Documentation of any alcohol or substance abuse courses you have taken in the past year.

Again, you don’t have to bring these things with you, but it will make things easier if you do.

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