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bag of moneyI don’t fully know why, but this time of year is the best time all year to settle personal injury cases.  The insurance adjusters who will sit on a case for months without movement will suddenly call you in December and throw money at you.  They don’t jerk you around.  They put real value on a case and really try to wheel and deal to get it resolved.

This won’t happen in every case.  It isn’t like the insurance adjusters simply throw in the towel if they have a legitimate defense.  But if you have a good, clean, personal injury or workers’ compensation claim that you are trying to settle, December is the month it might get done.

I know one reason for this is that the insurance company wants to make their corporate books look as good as they can by the end of their fiscal year.  Insurance companies make money by predicting risk.  If they settle your case, they know what it will cost them.  They don’t have to worry about a runaway verdict.  Your case moves from an uncertainty on their corporate books to a certainty.  That is generally good for business if you are an insurance company.

But I also think the insurance adjusters must have some personal interest in these matters.  I know they get a yearly bonus based on performance.  I do not exactly know how “good performance” is calculated, but it has to do with how they settle cases.  The adjusters have too much zeal in settlement to simply be taking marching orders from a supervisor.

Conclusion & Next Steps

In any event, now is the best time of the year to settle your personal injury case or workers’ compensation claim.  It may not always be the right answer for you, and it may not happen in every case, but sometimes it can really work well for my clients.

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