Evidence from Wearable Devices

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in Civil Law & Consumer | Reading Time: 3 minutes

wearable devices

Wearable devices are smart tech gadgets that track all sorts of information while you wear them. More often than not, the information is related to health and fitness. But what else is your FitBit keeping tabs on? Like Facebook and other data-tracking social media, the information collected from the FitBit and other wearable devices may…

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Search & Seizure: Do you have privacy on your balcony?

by Tucker Clagett | Posted in DUI/DWI & Criminal Law | Reading Time: 3 minutes

policeman frowning

On September 7, 2011, the Court of Special Appeals decided, in the criminal law case of McGurk v. Maryland, that an overnight guest has a reasonable expectation of privacy on the balcony of her host’s house.  Ms. McGurk was on a balcony in Ocean City in the early morning hours when an Ocean City police…

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