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Maryland has a new law (as of October 2017) that will be of great help if you have old traffic tickets or driving infractions on your record.

Many of us have some old speeding tickets and minor traffic infractions on our record – some from years ago. Until recently, Maryland was acting like an elephant. It never forgot about your old speeding ticket.

These old tickets could prevent some people from getting hired. Many jobs require a clean driving record, and some people were finding they were unable to get jobs because of some old ticket or driving infraction. This new law aims to make it easier to get a job by cleaning up your driving record.

Maryland will now expunge those old infractions and clean up your driving record. This happens automatically under the new law. You don’t have to do anything. In the past, you had to apply with the Motor Vehicle Administration to get any infraction expunged from your license.

Now, you can honestly say you have a clean driving record if you have (a) kept a clean driving record for the past three years, and (b) never had a suspended license. If you have ever had your license suspended for reasons other than those having to do with safe driving, you have to have kept that clean driving record for the past 5 years. If you had your license suspended for reasons connected to unsafe driving, then you only got your record expunged if you haven’t had a ticket in the past 10 years.

So if you were worried about an old traffic ticket or driving infraction jamming up your driving record, you should look to see if it has been expunged. You can always order a copy of your driving record at the MVA to make sure.

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