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scam alertThe scammers just seem to get worse and worse. Or better and better depending on your point of view. I recently read about a new scam called the “I know you cheated” scam. It is equal parts evil and genius. This post is particularly aimed at the married men in our audience.

Imagine opening a letter addressed to you personally and reading these words – “I know you cheated on your wife.” Bone chilling, isn’t it? Even if you are faithful, this is one of those accusations you fear. Logically, it is impossible to prove a negative. Even the threat of the accusation could cause tough times for your marriage.

The letter goes on to claim that the writer has evidence of your affair because he stumbled upon it while working on an IT job. He isn’t looking to burn you in particular. It is just your bad luck. The letter threatens to send the evidence to your wife, her friends, and her family. This is just in case you think you can intercept it coming to her personally.

The writer then gives you a choice to save your marriage – send him $2,000 in untraceable bitcoin using an untraceable wire service. It is a blackmail letter, plain and simple. And it is being sent to men in affluent neighborhoods across America. 

A guy named Dave Eargle received this letter and wrote about it on his little known blog. His blog was getting 2-3 hits per day. Suddenly, he was getting 200-300 hits per day! That is when he knew he was on to something big. Now he has become the central source for information for the “I know you cheated” scam. He has several updates on his blog, including the location of the latest waves of letters and the asking price. Apparently it is up to $8000! 

This is obviously evil. It is also a pretty good scam. How many men opening that letter are, in fact, cheating on their wives? And in the digital age we live in, it is easy to imagine some random IT guy  hacking you and finding digital evidence of your affair. It could be emails, texts, pictures, video, audio, geotracking – whatever! You cannot possibly feel confident that no digital evidence of your affair exists. 

If that is you, standing at your mailbox holding that letter, you are going to be scared to death. And you know a divorce is going to cost you WAY more than $2000. Even if you think it might be a scam, it may look like quite a bargain just to make sure it isn’t! 

I bet this scammer has made a mint so far. Now the story is out. I read about it in my apple news feed on my Iphone. It is easy enough to find other news stories online. I hope this scam does not last long if it becomes common knowledge.

But I have a feeling the “I know you cheated” scam is paying off for the scammers. And I have a feeling we are going to be seeing variations of this scam for years to come. After all, how long did it take the old Nigerian Prince emails to die? They became a national punch line and people were still falling for them! 

So be wary. And you may want to make sure your wife sees this post just in case that letter is heading for your mailbox. Even if you are the most faithful guy on the planet, it will save her some heartache if she were to see that letter. We hope this post helps! 

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