Beware the Real Estate Scam for New Home Owners

43453-20131021Vicki, our Licensed Real Estate Settlement Agent, just clued me into a new scam out there targeting new home owners. She just got a call from a real estate agent calling on behalf of her clients – new home owners who did a settlement at our law firm recently. The owners received a certified mailing from someone alleging to be from the county tax assessors office, and claiming their real estate taxes were not paid up. When they called the number on the letter they were asked to give personal information. 

Luckily, the owners were wary of this letter and declined to provide their information. They called their real estate agent to see if there was any truth to the allegations, and the agent called Vicki. Vicki looked it up and assured her the owners real estate taxes were fully paid up. This letter was a scam.

Imagine being a new home owner with all that entails. It is a very hectic time. Your life is stuffed into boxes and generally is in disarray. If you get a letter like this, especially a certified letter that appears to be official, you might freak out and comply with the callers request – if just to be rid of a potential problem for your new dream home. I can see many people falling for this evil scam. 

We can easily look to see if your real estate taxes are paid up. If you get a letter like this, double check before writing any checks. And if you know someone who recently purchased a home, send them a link to this blog post so they are aware of this scam. 

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