Our New Website

Notice anything different?  How about everything is different! We are proud to unveil our brand new website to friends, clients, and the public. We were long overdue for a makeover. This website is cutting edge (well, for a law firm website anyway).

Our new website is more than just a pretty face. It is a free legal information providing machine! Our old website had lots of free legal advice and information, but it wasn’t so easy to download and digest it. That is no longer a problem. Our new website is very mobile friendly. We use a mobile responsive design that changes according to the device you are on. There is no need for a separate, watered-down, mobile version of our website. Our site automatically senses the size screen you are using and resizes itself to fit – with no loss of information. Try it on your phone and see for yourself!

The biggest change is how we provide you with all that great free legal information. We do it in easy to download and easy to read pdf ebooks. We call them Free Legal Consumer Guides. Visit that section of the site, and you will see the e-books you can click on, which will automatically open a pdf ebook. You can read it, save it to your hard drive, and email it to anyone you like. It is a more user-friendly way to give you the same great free legal information we have always provided.

We hope this format is much easier to see and read, and we hope the members of our community find this a useful source of free legal information so they can get informed, learn their options, and make informed, intelligent decisions about their legal case.

You will not find another attorney’s website giving you this depth and breadth of legal information designed to answer your questions before you talk to an attorney. We are proud of our commitment to provide this information to our community. We invite you to click around and check us out. If you know anyone facing a legal issue, send them a link to our site and tell them to read our e-books to see if it helps clarify the issues and answer some questions. We are confident you and your friends will find it useful.

About Southern Maryland Law


Andrews, Bongar, Gormley & Clagett is one of the oldest and largest law firms in Southern Maryland. We have been serving clients here for over 50 years. We have more attorneys and a larger staff than most other local law firms, so we can handle a wider variety of legal matters. Each attorney concentrates his or her practice in a few key areas, so you can be assured of the expertise you need.


But we are not so big that we forget about personal service! Your legal matter is unique, and requires a personalized approach. We will always remember that. If you have a legal issue, contact us today to schedule your consultation.