Holiday Party and Skee Ball Tournament

Scrooge“More coal for the fire, Mr. Scrooge?” Egad! That seems like all we ever hear around here from our staff this time of year. Why do they look to us for kindness? Don’t they know we are mean, evil, nasty lawyers?

A holiday party? For a law firm? Humbug! We have a reputation to uphold after all. We can’t be galavanting around Waldorf showing potential clients we may have souls! They won’t hire us!

SakuraWell, in an effort to pretend we have some semblance of Christmas spirit, we decided to take the firm out to lunch at Sakura’s Japanese Steakhouse. The chef there tries to burn your eyebrows off and then throws shrimp at you. Some people must consider this fun. Humbug.

But everyone seemed to enjoy it. The lunch was then followed by an afternoon of complete frivolity.

ChuckECheese1We began the frivolity at Chuck E Cheeses. We took a group picture with a giant mouse and a random little girl who decided to join our group photo.

I swear that is not our newest employee. Don’t call the child labor law enforcement agency on us!

We bought our staff enough tokens to satisfy even the most childish adult in the group. And I am specifically speaking about Amber, who gets a little too happy when playing skee ball and other games meant for children!  

Amber’s competitive side really comes out when given a chance to beat up on those who may possess lesser athletic skills. And I’m not just saying that because I’m bitter she whooped my butt in that basketball shooting game where the hoop moves back and forth. Twice! (I swear. I’m not bitter.)

The day ended with a pool tournament at Hard Times, where Tucker somewhat redeemed himself. But since he didn’t take any pictures of it, here is more Chuck E Cheese.


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