What To Bring To Your Criminal Law Consult

This post explains what you should try to bring with you to your first criminal case consultation in our office. You do not have to bring anything with you. All we really need is you. But if you have any of the following documents or pieces of information, bringing them would be helpful.

  • The case number/s and charges that are currently pending against you.
  • The case number/s of any cases for which you are currently on parole/probation, if applicable.
  • The Statement of Probable Cause filed by the police officer in your case.
  • The written complaint filed against you (if charges were filed by a civilian and not an officer).
  • Your driver’s license, social security card or other form of identification containing your date of birth.  
  • The names and contact information for all witnesses involved in your case.
  • Photographs, text messages, emails or any other documents that relate to your case.
  • Photographs of any injuries that you suffered as a result of your case.
  • List of any prior incidents involving the alleged victim or other witnesses in your case.
  • List of any communications between you and the alleged victim or other witnesses in your case.
  • List of any prior criminal convictions on your record, if applicable.

Again, you don’t have to bring these things with you, but it will make things easier if you do.

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