Sequestration, Security Clearances and Sleepless Nights

Here at Andrews Bongar Gormley and Clagett PA  we have represented clients who work at Pax River, Indian Head, Andrews, CIA, Homeland Security, DOD and just about every department of the Federal Government.  When dealing with financial problems having a plan is not only the key to getting a good night sleep, it also is the key to keeping your security clearance.

One of the hardest and most exhausting things in life is uncertainty.  Will the furloughs happen or not, if they happen will all of the days take place, will they happen again next year.  To a large extent these things are beyond our control, so if we want to sleep at night the best thing to do is come up with plans to deal with these possibilities.  With so many people in St. Mary’s County, Charles, Calvert and Prince George’s County working in positions that require security clearances one of the biggest worries is will financial problems cause them to lose their jobs.  The security officer wants to make sure your problems won’t cause you to sell a secret.

Whether that plan is taking on a renter, a part time job, a debt consolidation loan, a TSP loan, credit counseling or bankruptcy, the most important thing is to have a plan that is likely to work.  To help you evaluate these options we are offering a free consultation to any federal employee or government contractor facing furloughs or reduction in hours as a result of sequestration.

While these may seem like bad options – they are options.  The sooner you look into your options the sooner you will get a good night sleep, and the more likely it is that you will have a choice of options and the more likely it is that one of these options will work.  By the time the furlough days are coming to an end your options may be limited if you have a creditor garnishing your pay check or a mortgage company filing for foreclosure.

For more on this see this post by The Law Offices of Williams and Associates a law firm from Rock Island, Illinois, where they discuss an article from the Air Force Times, “Ask the lawyer: Bankruptcy does not have to put security clearance at risk”

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