Casey Anthony Files For Bankruptcy Chapter 7

Maybe crime doesn’t pay after all.  Casey Anthony – yes, that Casey Anthony – filed for bankruptcy protection Friday.  She filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, which means that she wants a complete discharge from her accumulated debts.  The bankruptcy filing is public information, so of course the press got it and has posted it on the news all weekend. Court records show she is unemployed and has no income.  I guess that book deal and made for TV movie never quite materialized.

Anthony, whose trial shocked the country 2 years ago, claims $1,100 in assets, and a whopping $792,000 in debts!  The vast majority of this seems to come from her trial.  Her lawyer is really getting hit hard – she is asking for a discharge of the $500,000 she owes him.  There are also debts related to her defense.  Interestingly, she is claiming debts of $145,000 for the sheriff’s office for their investigation, and $61,000 for court costs!  I guess she has to pay the state’s costs because technically, she was found guilty of a crime (just not murder).  One of the debts in her bankruptcy petition is apparently for scuba diving services.

She is also filing bankruptcy to discharge any potential debt from a defamation suit brought against her by a babysitter with the name as the one she accused of being involved in her daughter’s kidnapping.  This is a common reason to file bankruptcy.  The filing automatically stays any pending civil case, and if she is granted a discharge, the case will simply be dismissed.  It is one way to get out from under pending litigation.

The filing came on the exact same day the appellate court set aside two of her four convictions for lying to the police.  I am sure lots of newspaper reporters were looking in court records for that decision Friday.  If her attorney didn’t want the whole world to know she filed for bankruptcy, he sure picked a bad time to file it.

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