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If it’s Halloween, then we are dressing up! Every year our staff begs us to dress up for Halloween. We always tie it into something charitable or involving community service.

Since we have a few comic book fans in the office, this year we chose to dress as superheroes and villains of the comic book world. Here are your superhero attorneys! (The staff makes us do this, I swear.)   

In order to endow ourselves with real super powers, we brought in Heart Safety and Training Services, a certified CPR trainer, who taught all of our staff CPR. After all, anyone can dress up like a superhero, but if you know CPR you are ready to be a real superhero at a moment’s notice – cape optional! 

And, if you were worried about the legalities of giving CPR in an emergency, don’t worry! Maryland’s good samaritan law has you covered! Read all about that in our blog post here

Here is our staff all dressed up, and ready to be heroes.


And here we are practicing our new found superhero powers! 







Plus some random fun shots!

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