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At Andrews, Bongar, Gormley & Clagett, we have been handling real estate cases in Waldorf, Charles County, and throughout Southern Maryland for over 50 years. Our firm was founded on our real estate business. We did the first real estate settlements on the majority of the houses in St. Charles, right here in Waldorf. We have been right in the middle of it as Waldorf has grown over the past 50 years. CLICK THE GOOGLE BADGE TO READ OUR REVIEWS ⇒

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Chances are we have handled a real estate settlement similar to yours in the past. That knowledge and experience is what you get when you hire an experienced local attorney to handle your real estate settlement. Click here to see our Free Legal Consumer Guide to Maryland Real Estate Transactions and get answer to your questions today. Know your options. Be informed. Protect yourself.

We still have an vibrant and excellent real estate department. We are still neck deep in the local real estate market. We have the experience and expertise to help you see your own personal real estate deal to a successful conclusion. For more about us, click here.

We are truly local real estate lawyers – serving real estate clients in Charles County, Prince George’s County, and St. Mary’s County. In the real estate game, you need someone who understands the local rules, the local regulations, and the local people who make things happen here. We do.

What Do I Do Next?

Don’t wait to discover what you need to know abut real estate law. We wrote the Free Legal Consumer Guide – What Happens At A Southern Maryland Real Estate Settlement so you can get answers to your legal questions today.


Read that guide now. You can learn a lot about real estate settlements in about 15 minutes. Then call us to discuss your particular case with our real estate department.


The real estate settlement process is a complex system, with rules and regulations that can seem illogical. You should be informed and know the law before you make decisions. Our Free Legal Consumer Guides will show you what you need to know about real estate settlements now. 

Choosing A Team

When you hire our firm for your real estate settlement, you don’t just hire a single lawyer – you hire a team.


David Gormley is the head of our real estate department. Vicki is your licensed real estate processor and settlement agent – the heart and soul of the real estate department. She is the person you will have the most contact with. She is the one who will make it all come together.


Our law firm was founded on real estate law. We have seen it all in our 54 years in the business. Our real estate department has the experience to succeed, and functions as a team, and that means better service for you.

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Getting A Consultation

Contact us today for a consultation with one of our real estate attorneys. Our consultations about real estate settlements are free. (However, for consultations about civil legal disputes or issues related to real estate we charge a flat fee of $100.)


We can talk to you in person or over the phone. We will discuss your own particular situation. We will explain the law and the process.


We will give you options so you can decide the best way to move forward. We will make it convenient for you to get answers and identify your next steps.