The “Who’s Who” of the Real Estate to Follow on Social Media – Google Plus

WHOs-WHO-on-Google-Plus-1024x1024A couple of years ago when Dave Gormley set up our Google Plus page we joked in the office about how funny it was that the guy who wasn’t even on FaceBook was now in charge of our social media presence. Now he is making a “Who’s Who of Google Plus” list?! If you are interested in real estate make sure to check out the people on this list. To see what we are doing go to our Google PlusFacebook Firm and Real Estate pages.
If you are a real estate professional and you want some ideas on what you should be doing on social media, you should definitely take the time to see some of the blogs, videos and podcasts that the people on this list are posting.  

Dave Gormley, Top Southern Maryland Real Estate Attorney

Dave Gormley, Top Southern Maryland Real Estate Attorney
Dave has been practicing law in Southern Maryland for many years and specializes in Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Estates, and Family Law.  Dave is the head of the bankruptcy and real estate division at his law firm, Andrews, Bongar, Gormley, & Clagett.  Dave has a strong following and is one of the most active attorneys on Google Plus with almost 11,000 followers and almost 550,000 profile views!

Many buyers and sellers wonder what happens at a real estate closing or “settlement.”  In a recent article by Dave, “What Happens at a Southern Maryland Real Estate Settlement,” he discusses what a buyer and seller can expect.  Dave explains how he proceeds with his closings from reviewing the HUD-1 to the sellers signing the deed.  It’s a great article and can greatly alleviate any stress a buyer or seller is anticipating.

Visit Dave’s Google Plus profile and add him to your circles. 

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