Teaching Kids Not to Drive Drunk

I was reading in the Maryland Independent today about an awesome program they do in high schools called “Every 15 Minutes.”  They stage a mock car accident at a local high school, complete with fatalities.  The cause is either drinking and driving or distracted driving.  The point is to hammer home the message that doing so is stupid – and will get you killed.

The program uses students as “victims”, and the emergency responders actually cover them with a white sheet as they would do if they were really dead on the highway.  Best of all, the Grim Reaper presides over the entire program.  It sounds intense.

It must be emotionally jarring and memorable for these kids to see their friends lying there on the pavement seemingly dead.  It has to make them think, which is the point of course.  Hopefully, some of them will get the message that drinking and driving is dumb, and a good way to get hurt or even killed.

I actually wish they had this program when I was in high school.  It may have saved a life.  I had one friend who died in a car accident his senior year, and it was devastating to all of us who knew him.  I hope it only takes this staged event to convince the high schoolers of today not to drink and drive.

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