Office Open With Liberal Leave

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 5.46.10 AMOur offices will be open with liberal leave.  While it looks like the main roads are all clear, and that pretty soon the snow should turn to rain, there may still be some slushy and icy spots on the roads.  This could be particularly true around 8 or 9 am if the rain turns back to snow at the end of the storm.  

Please remember that when the weather is bad we always have a liberal leave policy in place.  So please call the office before you hit the road to make sure that the staff member or lawyer you are meeting with has made it to the office.  Even if the person you are meeting with has made it into the office we can still turn the meeting into a phone appointment.  Check the Maryland Highway Administration Traffic Camera Map to see what road conditions look like in your area before heading out.

If you have Court you can check to see if there is a closing or delay by going to the website for Maryland Courts or the US Bankruptcy Court.  

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