Congratulations Syanne Centeno!

Syanne Centeno Miss Maryland WorldSyanne Centeno is a very nice young woman from Hughesville who is the reigning Miss Maryland World. She made the local news recently when she placed in the top 12 at the Miss World America competition held in Washington DC. 

I know Syanne because she retained me to represent her non-profit organization The Warrior Princess Initiative. She visits young girls with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. She gives them an award, and a crown and dubs them a Warrior Princess during a special ceremony. This empowers the children and encourages them to keep on fighting their disease like a warrior would. 

Obviously, when I heard about Syanne I was more than happy to help her establish and operate her organization. I love what she is doing for children who are facing the unimaginable. Our firm did all the work pro bono, and even paid for the filing fees as a donation. She has me “on retainer” and can call me with any legal questions any time. Of course, there is no charge for all of this.

Our firm does a good bit of corporate work for paying clients, but I usually get involved when there is a small non-profit starting up. I have started several and know the ropes. I do this work pro bono. There are special rules and regulations for starting a non-profit corporation in Maryland. Small ones just starting out don’t usually have the money to hire the big time lawyers in Baltimore who do this a lot. I am trying to fill a void in Southern Maryland by helping these small time do gooders navigate the corporate start up waters. I can at least make sure they don’t have to pay for legal fees while they get established. 

If you have a small non profit you want to start up, contact me to discuss it. 

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