Large Personal Injury Verdict in Maryland

AccidentThere was a very large (1.4 million dollars) verdict in a personal injury case in Maryland recently. The case arose from a 6 car pileup in Frederick County. The jury awarded $1.4 million. 

This is an unusually large personal injury verdict for a conservative county like Frederick. People injured in car accidents often wonder how their case is valued by a jury. Your personal pain and suffering is part of the picture. In a case that does not cause a permanent injury, this is usually the largest measure of damages. But in a very serious car accident causing permanent injury, future lost wages is often the largest measure of damages.

If someone is killed or seriously injured in a car accident, and they are unable to continue their career, their personal injury case will involve an economist who will value the person’s future wages as part of their damages. For a young person, with many working years ahead of them, those numbers can be huge. Just add up the value of your annual salary and multiply it by the number of years you expect to work, and you will see how that adds up.

The economist is able to predict the value of raises and benefits too, and reduce it to a present day value number. it is all very complex (which is why you need an expert) but it can produce some big numbers, which is why some of these large verdicts come out of otherwise conservative counties.

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