Limited Divorce – Limited but Sometimes Necessary

A limited divorce is sometimes necessary in certain situations where the parties need to resolve very specific issues, but they are not yet eligible for a final divorce order.  There are certain grounds for a divorce, and if you have not met those grounds (such as being separated for one year) then you cannot get a court involved to resolve certain disputes.  In that case, you may need a limited divorce.

A limited divorce is just what it sounds like – it is a legal divorce, but it is “limited” in scope.  It formalizes the separation and gives it the power of a court order.  Some people may call this a “legal separation.”

Attorneys will file for them, and the Court will grant them, in certain situations where there is a need to resolve certain limited issues that cannot wait until the final divorce order.

The Court may grant a limited divorce when there are certain limited issues that need to be addressed before the full divorce.  These issues are: (1) Custody; (2) Child Support; (3) Visitation; (4) Alimony; and (5) Use and possession of the marital home.  In some cases, these issues must be dealt with now, before the final divorce can be granted.

Limited divorce can be necessary in certain specific divorce situations.  Ask your attorney about it if you think you may need one.

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