Two new criminal law articles

Today we put up two new criminal law articles designed to help our community members understand their legal problems and their options.  The first article is on a topic you won’t find a lot of information on with other attorney websites – juvenile criminal law.  If a parent has a child accused of a crime, they will find out a lot by reading it.  We tell you what to expect at court, when to hire an attorney, and what the stakes are for your child.

The other new criminal law article is about how to handle a traffic ticket.  We expect this post to generate a lot of traffic.  Who hasn’t gotten a traffic ticket and had questions about the right way to handle it?  Most other attorney websites ignore this subject because it is less likely that a client will pay you to handle their simple payable traffic ticket.  But we hope that more people will be able to find that helpful, and therefore discover the rest of our site.

Yves Archey is our criminal law attorney.  Yves is a former prosecutor, and worked for a time handling the juvenile docket exclusively.  So he has a lot of knowledge about that particular area of law.  If you need an attorney for any criminal law case – including DUI, DWI, serious traffic offenses, or juvenile law, please contact us today.

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