Trial Dates

We have received a trial date for your personal injury case. My office will send you a formal notice, but the trial date and time should be in the subject line of the email I sent you. If I forgot to put it in there, please send it back and tell me to do it!

The likelihood of this trial date actually happening depends on what court we are in. If we are in District Court, you should write that court date on your calendar in pencil. You may be moving it.

District Court will move a personal injury trial date at the drop of a hat. Any number of things can happen to continue the case. The Court may move it on their own, or the other attorney may file for a continuance. In District Court cases, the Court sets the trial date before we even serve the summons on the other party. So the other attorney may need a continuance the moment the enter the case. 

District Court operates like an airline – they overbook cases hoping things will drop out. Therefore, they are quick to bump your case because they cannot possibly accommodate everything they actually set on one day. We will keep you informed if anything happens to bump your trial date.

Circuit Court is the exact opposite. They treat that date like a major event. They book the Courtroom and the Judge for the entire day. They call a jury in to hear your personal injury case. They do NOT like continuing a trial date in Circuit Court and usually will not unless there is an emergency. If we are in Circuit Court, you should put that date on your calendar in pen.

Either way, please reserve the trial date and do not make any plans. Please call me if you have any questions or concerns after reading this. We will obviously talk a lot more as the litigation process continues, and as your personal injury trial gets closer.

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