Tax Time is the Best Time – For Preventative Legal Medicine

You did it.  The taxes are done.  Now what do you do?  Have you ever looked at all that information in your taxes?   You should!  It can be very valuable if you want to get healthy – in a legal sense.

Your taxes are a fantastic summary of your financial information. Armed with that summary, now is the best time to sit down and perform a top to bottom review of your legal and financial situation.

Why?  Preventative Medicine!  Most people only think about legal issues when they have a crisis on their hands.  Yet you can avoid a lot of legal problems just by using a little preventative medicine.  We have created a free legal consumer guide to walk you through the process of conducting an annual review. Click here to get it.  It works like a checklist of things to review, and tells you what you can do now.

Speaking of check list, Tucker Clagett has a post that gives a step by step guide to freezing your credit.  With all the cyber attacks on our personal information this is step that you may want to consider.  To see why you may want to consider taking this step and how to do it see his guide on How To Freeze Your Credit.

We recommend everyone go through this list each year to assess their legal and financial situation.   And tax time is by far the best time to tackle this job.  So click on this link to start reading today.  And feel free to share this with friends and family who may need their own preventative legal medicine.  After that set aside some time to do a budget. A great place to start is our CPA’s Askey, Askey & Associates Financial Tools Page.

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