Seminar: Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy, Foreclosure or Short Sale

As a bankruptcy lawyer here in Southern Maryland I hear a lot of people say they never want to own a house again.  If you feel this way, regardless if you have experienced financial problems or not, come to this seminar to find out why you may be wrong.  (Register Here)

There are a lot of lessons to be learned from the real estate bubble, but thinking that owning a home is a bad idea should not one of them.  As the cost to rent has skyrocketed it is hard find a place to rent for less then $1,700 here in Southern Maryland.  And yet with current interest rates you can find a pretty nice house to buy with a mortgage payment of $1,500 or less.

 If you are renting, you may be surprised that you could get a similar house with a lower mortgage payment then what it is costing you to rent.  And that is even before you factor in the income tax savings you would get with the mortgage interest deduction.

With the team that has been put together you will get the best advice on how to bounce back to homeownership whether you had to do a short sale, bankruptcy, foreclosure or other financial issues.   If you attend you will get the latest news on mortgage programs, tips on improving your credit and advice on shopping for that next home.  Tim Murphy of C&F Mortgage will answer all your questions about mortgages and bring you up to date on the new programs that will help you get a mortgage.  Anna Jones of Exit Landmark Realty will tell you how to find that bargain that you need to get back in the market.  Kimberly Bean of The Southern Maryland Real Estate Network will, along with acting as the moderator bring her insights to just about all of theses issues.


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